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Our overriding philosophy is that Clients receive the same level of focused commitment and expertise when the policy is called upon in the event of a claim, as they did when it was first purchased. We aim to provide a professional and quality claims service, in liaison with our supporting brokers, to ensure that we meet the needs of our policyholders.

It is with this core objective in mind that our team of claims professionals have been carefully chosen from selected areas of the insurance industry based on their qualifications, experience and reputation. At Midas Underwriting we pride ourselves in our pro activity in the management of our claims, constantly striving to perform our duties to the highest standards of integrity, good faith and fairness.

Our service

Our claims team provides a fully managed and efficient claims handling service to all our brokers and clients, in recognition that, decisive, pro-active, creative and professional claims management, combined with effective communication, is essential in delivering a prompt and fair claims process. In doing so they have the knowledge and ability to offer you support and guidance and, most importantly, retain the necessary authority to make decisions when required.

We recognise that claims is the area where clients can, and will, measure the true value of their insurance, and we acknowledge the trauma, anxiety and sense of desolation that often lies behind an incident prompting a claim. It is at this time of crisis that we endeavour to make a difference.

We have developed claims procedures and protocols to ensure that all parties are aware of the claims management process from the outset, aimed at admitting valid claims promptly in an equitable, fair and transparent manner, whilst ensuring for the cost benefit of our client base, that adequate resource is directed to fraud prevention.


We will do our utmost to deliver the highest level of claims service:
  • 24hrs, seven days a week claim reporting facility
  • Dedicated, professional claims team with trained experts to guide customers through the process
  • Clear advice and instructions on the claims process
  • Accurate, efficient and prompt settlement and progression of clams
  • Fairness and transparency
  • Clear explanation of decisions taken and proposals tendered
  • Governance and control over the claims process.
  • A culture aligned to the value of TCF.


Effective claims handling ensures that a fair and equitable amount is paid on individual claims, and is to the advantage of all concerned by controlling the cost of insurance. We believe that our dedicated claim support, will assist our brokers in retaining existing, and attracting new business.

Notify a Claim

  1. Make a claim over the phone
  2. Submit a claim online

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