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Treating customers fairly is central to all Midas underwriting business activities and services.  At Midas underwriting we aim to instill a culture of TCF throughout all levels of our organisation to ensure that fairness is not just considered in relation to how we sell to our customers but is ingrained in how those customers are treated throughout the entire customer life-cycle.

TCF Chart



  • To ensure that the customer remains the primary consideration in all areas of our business and service provision.
  • To provide a highly proficient, well trained staff who embrace the culture of TCF and whose competency is regularly reviewed.
  • Provision of clear, fair and not misleading information at all times.
  • Offering suitable advice tailored to the specific needs of our customers.
  • To be sympathetic by listening and empathising with our customers.
  • Manage complaints in an efficient, impartial and transparent manner.
  • Identifying and resolving the underlying causes of complaints.

We will aim to meet the changing needs of our customers with a practical, collaborative approach. This customer ethos will remain throughout our service provision to our customers and will not be isolated to the closing of a sale.

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